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Since starting operations as an Islamic bank in October 2010, PT Bank Maybank Syariah Indonesia (Maybank Syariah) has developed a range of services and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers as well as the opportunities in the regional financial markets are constantly evolving

Now, Maybank Syariah positioning itself as a financial intermediary and liaison between Malaysia and Indonesia. Maybank Islamic is a subsidiary of Maybank Group, Malaysia's largest financial services institutions with total assets of more than USD 100 billion, as well as one of the companies with the largest market capitalization on Bursa Malaysia Shares (Stock Exchange) "

Operating in the heart of ASEAN, Maybank is the group's financial services business in Malaysia with an international network spread over 14 countries. Subsidiary of Maybank Islamic banking sector is Maybank Islamic Berhad , the largest commercial Islamic bank in the Asia Pacific region and included the Top 20 Islamic financial institutions in the world

Therefore Maybank Syariah Maybank Group can leverage its expertise and experience in Indonesia for 15 years to provide the best financial solutions to its customers.